Translation App or Multi-Storefront for Multilingual BigCommerce?

Weighing up your multi-language options for international selling on BigCommerce Expanding internationally is a natural step in the growth of most ecommerce businesses. One of the major obstacles to overcome first, however, is the language barrier. According to a study of non-English speakers by Common Sense Advisory, 65% of consumers prefer websites in their native […]

5 Reasons to Re-Platform your Ecommerce Store

Is your ecommerce store not performing as well as you’d like? Are you considering re-platforming to breathe new life into your business? If you’re still on the fence, here are 5 fundamental improvements that re-platforming could make to your store. What Is Ecommerce Re-Platforming? Let’s start by going over what re-platforming is and how it […]

How to use Shoppable Instagram Galleries on BigCommerce

Partner Guest Blog by Taggshop Instagram is becoming bigger, better, and bolder. Brands and creators are finding new ways to connect to their target audience, enhance consumer engagement, and drive growth. While users are constantly looking for inspiration to shop from. The introduction of Instagram shops has made shopping easy for people through an immersive […]

Choosing a payment gateway for B2B on BigCommerce

One of the benefits of building your B2B ecommerce store on BigCommerce is the Apps Marketplace. It enables you to customise your store’s functionality, design, UX and administration to suit your precise business needs. Among the hundreds of available apps, there are over 65 integrations just for payment gateways. So how do you choose the […]

How to Launch an Ecommerce Website

Are you trying to figure out how to launch an ecommerce website? Modern entrepreneurs are entering the ecommerce industry at a record pace due to the growing number of people making online purchases. Experts predict that the amount of revenue generated by ecommerce sales in Canada will grow by over 10% annually. If you are […]